26 Famous Authentic Hispanic Foods

three pork carnitas street tacos in yellow corn tortilla with avocado, onion, cilantro and cabbage

The United States is no stranger to Hispanic food; eateries across America are constantly updating their menus and offering delightful foods they consider Hispanic. Many restaurants and cafes focus solely on a Hispanic menu and claim to serve authentic Hispanic recipes passed down from generation to generation. However, most of the food served here has … Read more

German Food: A Taste of German Heritage In American Cuisine

Potato Pancake on a wooden table

Americans love German food, though they may not even realize they are eating it. German Americans have impacted the American food scene since they began immigrating here in earnest in the early 1800s. While most Germans settled in Pennsylvania and the Midwest, they also settled in many areas throughout the US and brought their culinary … Read more

22 Most Popular Colombian Food Dishes To Try Today

Combination of the typical South American Arepas in a woven basket

Have you ever tried Colombian cuisine? South American food boasts more than just flavorful meat dishes and nowhere is that more evident than in Colombia. The country’s unique culinary culture is shaped by its regional diversity, history, and altitudes that make up for its distinctive cooking styles and tastes. Colombian food is incredibly diverse, flavorful, … Read more