15 Delicious and Nutritious Vegan Dinner Ideas To Try in 2024

Vegan fried teriyaki tofu with scallions and sesame seeds in bamboo bowl. Asian cuisine food

Are you looking for healthy and nutritious vegan dinners to try in 2024? Here, we’ve rounded up some fantastic vegan meal ideas for anyone looking to add more plant-based meals to their diet. From creamy squash soups to protein-packed tacos and stir-fries, these clean vegan dinner ideas are worth including in your weekly meal plan. … Read more

FODMAPs, IBS and You: The Low FODMAP Diet Explained

Healthy diet food. Various low fodmap ingredients selection - meat, vegetables, berry, fruit, grains, Trendy healthy lifestyle concept.

Up to 10% of the population worldwide has irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), a gastrointestinal condition that causes recurrent attacks of abdominal pain or discomfort, typically associated with life-disrupting bowel habits. The great news is that up to 75% of IBS sufferers can experience symptom relief with the low FODMAP diet, according to Monash University, the … Read more

10 Best Fast Food Chains for International Foods

Nando's is an international casual dining restaurant chain originating in South Africa. Founded in 1987, Nando's operates about 1,000 outlets in 30 countries.

Americans love fast food (one-third of the population eats it on any given day!) The convenience factor of quick and cheap food just keeps us coming back for more, causing the fast food market to swell to over $338 billion.  Yet fast food shouldn’t just be for local American-style foods. Budget-concious foodies seeking a conveniently … Read more

How to Make a Healthy Meal Plan on a Budget

Young and happy woman eating healthy salad sitting on the table with green fresh ingredients indoors

There’s no denying it. Meal planning takes work. And when you are on a strict budget and want to make healthy meals for your family, meal planning may seem daunting. But creating a healthy meal plan your family will love is possible, even when your funds are limited. The key is to combine concepts of … Read more

15+ Party Food Ideas That Will Impress Your Guests!

Artisan charcuterie boards kiwi grapes jam pomegranate olives cheese apricot kiwi orange almond food on the table

Are you planning on having a party anytime soon? Hosting a party and planning it can be highly stressful, especially feeding the crowd. You might be wondering what party food to serve to your guests.  From simple classics like Buffalo wings to fancy charcuterie boards to amazing cheesecakes, many ideas can make your party rock. … Read more

9 Keys to Build a Healthy Lifestyle

Selection of healthy food for heart, life concept

Many people don’t realize they have the power to make healthy choices that can add years to their lives.  Most of us have at least one or two bad habits that keep us from a healthy lifestyle. Making minor adjustments in your lifestyle can dramatically improve your health and increase your chances of living a … Read more

25 Inspired Housewarming Gifts You Will Want to Keep

Box with bottle of wine, cheese and corkscrew on dark background

Moving into a new home is an exciting time for anyone. It’s also considered one of the most stressful life events! Support from family and friends makes the transition so much easier, and what better way to show you care than by giving a thoughtful housewarming gift? Choosing the right gift doesn’t have to be … Read more

How to Meal Prep Like a Pro

Healthy meal prep containers with chickpeas, chicken, tomatoes, cucumbers and avocados. Healthy lunch in glass containers on beige rustic background

Meal prepping is all the rage these days, and for good reason! Meal preps can help you save money, help with eating healthy, and help you have more control over your food. But where do you start? This article will give you all the information to start meal prepping like a pro! We’ll cover everything … Read more

20 of the Best Foods for Gut Health

Sliced and half of Pineapple(Ananas comosus) on wooden table with blurred garden background.Sweet,sour and juicy taste.Have a lot of fiber,vitamins C and minerals.Fruits or healthcare concept.

It seems everyone is talking about gut health these days. Of course, if it’s better for gut health, it’s got to be good for you. So here are 20 of the best foods for gut health that will help you feel better fast. Best Foods for Gut Health Not All Carbohydrates Are Created Equal. 1. … Read more

Gifts for Smoothie Lovers (Our Top 14)

Gifts for Smoothie Lovers

This post may contain affiliate links.  Read full disclosure. I will be the first to admit it; I am a smoothie addict. I usually fix smoothies once or twice a day. If you are wondering what gift to get the smoothie addict in your life? Please have a look at our list of gifts for … Read more