About Me

Hey, how is it going?

I am Charms (Charmaine) a self-confessed food fanatic!  Welcome to my site!  I made this site to share  some of my favorite recipes and cooking tips.

A Bit About Me

Well instead of writing a boring paragraph about me.  I just thought I would tell you about my likes, dislikes and in-betweens!

Things I like always: Travelling, Reading, Drinking (Healthy stuff!), Dogs (Pretty much all animals), Laughter (Heard any good jokes recently), Being by the Ocean, Playing golf, Sailing, Diving,  and of course trying new foods and recipes.

Things I like Sometimes:  Exercising, Yoga, Pilates, Running (I have completed one marathon, a ½ marathon, and a few 5km races).

Things I like Never:  Repetitive tasks, Judgmental people, Staying indoors all day.

Thanks for visiting!


P.S. – If you want to reach out or just to say hi drop me an email at [email protected] .  I would love to hear from you!