Vitamix e310 vs e320

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When you need an affordable Vitamix, the Explorian series will top your list. It contains entry-level offerings from the brand – namely the E310 and the E320. Both blenders are essentially no-frills and basic. 

They don’t have high-end features like Bluetooth connectivity or programmed cycles. But they are still Vitamix through and through. You get excellent longevity, performance, design, and function.

If you pit the Vitamix e310 vs  e320, which one comes out on top? We think it’s the E320, but it really depends on your needs. Read our comparison guide below to pick the best option for your unique preferences and needs.

Vitamix e310 vs e320 : Which One is Better?

The E320 is a slight upgrade over the E310 and is generally better (for most users):

  • The E320 has a more powerful motor.
  • It has a bigger container that can process larger volumes of food.
  • The blade is thicker and longer than the one on the E310.
  • It has a longer warranty.
  • While the base retail price is higher, you can buy the E320 refurbished cheaper than the E310 at the moment.

Key Differences between the e310 and the e320

  • Motor: The E310 has a 2HP motor while the E320 has a bigger 2.2HP one, which makes the E320 slightly more powerful.
  • Container: The E310 has a smaller 48oz container, while the E320 has a bigger 64oz container. Both containers are of high-quality Eastman Tritan Plastic.
  • Blades: The E310 has a 3-inch blade, suitable for its smaller container. The E320 has slightly-bigger 4-inch blades.
  • Tamper: You get a mini tamper with the E310 and a low-profile tamper with the E320. The latter is slightly bigger and more suitable for larger containers.
  • Warranty: The E310 comes with a 5-year warranty. The E320 has a 7-year warranty. Both warranties cover cost of shipping, labor, and replacements.
  • Price: The E310 is about a $100 cheaper than the E320. However, you can get a refurbished (used) E320 by about a $100 cheaper than a brand-new E310.
  • Noise: While both machines are noisy, the E320 is a bit louder thanks to its bigger 2.2 HP motor.
  • Use-cases: The E310 is more suited for singles, couples, and small families that generally need smaller quantities of food. The E320 is suitable for normal-sized families that require significant portions at mealtimes.

Similarities between the e310 and the e320

  • Size: Both the E310 and the E320 have the same body: 11 x 8 x 18 inches. They weigh the same – 10.5 lbs. The E310 is slightly shorter than the E320 when you attach the container.
  • Design: The design is virtually identical, though there are minor cosmetic differences. Both models have a slightly curved body at the top with a square bottom. The layout of the controls is the same.
  • Performance: When you fill in appropriate quantities of ingredients, you get the same silky-smooth blend from the E310 and the E320.
  • Controls: Both machines come with the same 10-speed dial. The speed dial offers variable, infinite speed. You can make minute adjustments to the speed, essentially.
  • Quality: Regardless of whether you buy the E310 or the E320, you can expect a high-quality blender that will stand the test of time.
  • Ease-of-use: The E310 and the E320 are equally easy to use, store, and clean. They have simple switch controls and pulse settings. Both blenders offer self-cleaning. You put in some soap and water and run the blender, it will clean itself.
  • What you can make: Both blenders can cook the same sorts of foods, including wet and dry foods. You can purchase additional accessories or attachments for the blenders for more specialized cooking.

Product Reviews

The Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender (Professional Grade)


  • Power: 2HP.
  • Jar Capacity: 48oz.  
  • Speeds: 10 variable speed dial.
  • Dishwasher safe: Yes (but not recommended).
  • Warranty: 5-year full warranty.
  • Extra Features: Friction heating, Vitamix Vortex, and self-cleaning.

When you need a Vitamix on a shoestring budget, the E310 is your best bet. This entry-level blender from Vitamix has a simple design, with old-school switches and an infinite speed dial. It’s available in three colors: black, red, and slate. It has a compact shape and will slide into a tiny kitchen cabinet without too much trouble.

The E310 blends fantastically well. Anything you put in will come out silky smooth. This blender, unlike most entry-level options, can crush the tiniest of ingredients into fine paste. 

This includes fruit seeds that tend to ruin the texture of your smoothie. Performance-wise, it comes with the “Vitamix Vortex” technology and can match some high-end Vitamix models – despite costing half as much.

A drawback is that you need to use a tamper to push down ingredients to the bottom of the jar while blending. This is common with Vitamix and not really a dealbreaker overall. 

You can make smoothies, juices, nut butters, and even hot soup with the E310. The 48oz food jar allows you to make small quantities of food per cycle, which is perfect if you live alone or have a tiny family (it reduces waste).  


  • The cheapest entry-level countertop Vitamix blender.
  • Top-tier, Vitamix-worthy performance.
  • Excellent for small-to-mid-size servings, perfect for couples and small families.


  • A shorter warranty than the Vitamix E320.
  • A slightly less powerful motor than the E320.
  • Expensive while lacking features found in high-end Vitamix models.

The E320 Explorian Blender (Professional Grade)


  • Power: 2.2HP.
  • Jar Capacity: 64oz.
  • Speeds: 10 variable speed dial.
  • Dishwasher safe: Yes (but not recommended).
  • Warranty: 7-year full warranty.
  • Extra Features: Friction heating, Vitamix Vortex, and self-cleaning.

The E320 is a slight step up over the E310. This blender is the next iteration in the entry-level Explorian series. It has an identical design to the E310, with the same body, switches, and speed dial. 

The body has the same size and shape as the E310, but it’s slightly heavier thanks to the bigger (2.2HP) motor. You can get it in black, red, and slate.

This blender performs on par with the E310. It has a slightly more powerful motor and thicker (4-inch) blades, but that’s offset by the fact it has a slightly bigger (64oz) container. 

The E320 will do a fine job of blending mid-sized portions of food (at least 2 cups). However, if you want to make smaller portions, we recommend skipping the E320. It struggles to grind small quantities.

The E320 comes with a regular tamper out-of-the box. It’s self-cleaning and easy to store and maintain. You can use it for blending, dicing, kneading, and cooking. If you buy a separate dry food attachment, it can make flour. 

Overall, the E320 is a fine blender. Even better, Vitamix is selling it refurbished as of now, making it a steal at the asking price.


  • The second-cheapest countertop Vitamix on the market.
  • Available even cheaper as a refurbished (renewed) option.
  • Performs incredibly well.


  • Not suitable for making small portions, unlike the E310.
  • It might be affordable for a Vitamix, but still eye-wateringly expensive.
  • Noisier than the E310 due to its bigger motor.

Conclusion – Our Recommendations

The E320 does some things better than the E310. However, that won’t automatically make it the best buy for you (explained below). Further, performance-wise, both perform equally well.  

Use the E310 when–

  • You want a brand-new as well as cheap Vitamix blender.
  • You only make limited quantities of food most of the times.
  • You prefer a minimalistic, old-school design.

Use the E320 when–

  • You are okay with a refurbished Vitamix blender (they are as good as new), OR
  • You are okay with paying about $100 extra over the E310 for some upgrades, AND
  • You regularly make medium portions of food and drink.

On paper, when you consider the E310 vs. the E320, the E320 is the better blender. In practice, there isn’t much to choose between them.

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