21 Simple and Easy 3 Ingredient Smoothie Recipes

Homemade smoothie with fresh blueberries on a rustic turquoise background

I love making smoothies and I have been known to add a million and one ingredients to my smoothie.  However, sometimes we just want a smoothie recipe that’s quick and easy.  To solve this problem I have compiled a list of easy smoothie recipes which have three ingredients are fewer.  This is the perfect option … Read more

12 Easy Instant Pot Recipes You Must Try Today

Instant Pot pressure cooker on kitchen counter with beans and rice.

Instant pot has been all the rage in recent years. They have been bestsellers on Amazon Prime Day for a good reason. They make cooking so much easier and faster! If you are one of those who got a new instant pot last year or got a gift on Christmas but have yet to open … Read more

10 Easy Gluten-free Dinners That Anyone Can Make

Grilled salmon, sesame seeds and marjoram on a black plate.

Do you have to avoid gluten for health reasons? Gluten-free diets are challenging – this post is here to help. There are some easy ways to prep gluten-free meals. Avoid gluten-laden sauces and stick to basic ingredients. These dinner recipes can be made in under half an hour. Better yet, most only require pantry staples … Read more

Brewing Perfection: 4 Ways To Make Espresso at Home

real espresso and coffee grain

Making espresso at home without a machine may initially seem intimidating, but it is still achievable with the right tools and techniques. You’ll learn what ingredients and tools you need, how to prepare each step of the process, and plenty of tips to ensure success. What Is Espresso Some things need to be clarified about … Read more

30 Easy and Delicious Comfort Food Recipes You Must Try

Alfredo pasta dinner with creamy white sauce with herbs and sliced chicken

Enjoying a delicious home-cooked meal with your family is one of life’s little pleasures. Not only does eating a family meal together provide immediate satisfaction, but studies show meal sharing has positive effects on the well-being of children over the long term. Making time to sit down and eat as a family on a daily … Read more

20 Easy Air Fryer Recipes for Beginners

Air Fryer grilled chicken wings on white plate,served with ketchup and mayonnaise

Did you just get an air fryer and have no idea where to start? Don’t worry; in this article, you will find 20 easy air fryer recipes for beginners. Whether you’re craving a quick, delicious weekend breakfast or need to get dinner on the table quickly, your air fryer will become your new best friend. … Read more

Beef Stew Meat Recipes

Cooking Stew meat in Burgundy (Beef Bourguignon) in cast iron frying pan with carrots, onions. Spices for Beef Bourguignon thyme, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms champignons.

Can you think of a more satisfying and yummy recipe than beef stew meats?  It’s the perfect option if you crave comfort food or want something to warm you up on a cold winter day.  Fortunately, there are a thousand and one beef stew meat recipes.  It’s always interesting to see the various iterations of … Read more

18 Instant Pot Chicken Recipes Ready in About 30 Minutes

Stir fry chicken cashew nuts with jasmine rice backround

If you have been looking for some new Instant Pot chicken recipes that are quick and easy to make when you are short on time, you have come to the right place! These Instant Pot chicken recipes give you the speed and ease of pressure cooking, with the resulting tender cooked chicken you would get … Read more