Why Is My Ninja Blender Power Button Blinking Red?

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So you have bought your Ninja blender and jotted down all the smoothie recipes and things you want to make.  However, there is a problem.  You look down and wonder “why is my ninja blender power button blinking red”?  Don’t panic, it’s a common occurrence and we recommend a few quick fixes below.

Does Your Ninja Blender Have a Flashing Red Light?  Here Are a Few Reasons Why!

There are a few reasons why the power light is blinking red.

  1. The Pitcher/ bowl is not installed properly.  The pitcher/ bowl should be securely placed on the motor base.  The pitcher/ bowl must be in the locked position.
  2. Even though the unit is plugged in and powered up; if the pitcher is not installed the LED’s on the control panel will flash.
  3. The lid is not lined up properly.  The arrows on the blender lid and handle should be properly aligned.

What Do You Do if Your Ninja Blender Power Button Blinking Red

Here are a few troubleshooting tips if your power light is blinking.

How to Correctly Insert the Blender Pitcher

  1. If the blender is plugged in and turned on and the power light is blinking.  This is a safety feature, the power light will flash and the motor will not work until the pitcher is installed correctly. 
  2. Place the motor base on a clean, dry, level surface.  You can then put the pitcher on the motor base.  Make sure the pitcher handle is aligned to the right of the “lock” symbol on the motor base of the blender. 
  3. The third step is you should turn the blender pitcher clockwise until it clicks in place.  As the pitcher rotates, it will lower and the safety tabs on the bottom of the pitcher will slide under the safety tabs on the top of the motor base.
  4. The pitcher can be placed on the motor base two ways; the handle can be on the front right-hand corner or the front left corner.

Note:  These instructions might differ slightly depending on the model.  You can find various Ninja blender User Manuals on the Ninja Kitchen site.

How to Correctly Insert the Blender Lid

As a safety measure, the power button will flash and the motor will not work if the blender lid is not installed correctly.

  1. To install the blender lid properly hold the lid by the handle in the upright position, place it on top of the pitcher and align the arrow located on the top of the lid with the arrow located on the pitcher handle.
  2. Press down the handle firmly until you hear a slight click to ensure it is fully engaged.
  3. It should be noted that the blender will not run if the lid is not attached correctly and the handle is not engaged properly. 

What Do You Do if the Power Light Is Blinking When You Install the Small Container and Not the Large One? 

If you have this situation more than likely the container has not been installed on the motor base properly.  Follow the instructions listed above for installing the blender pitcher.

Is There a Reset Button? 

Resetting a ninja blender might differ slightly depending on the Ninja blender you have.  You can get a more detailed overview of the ninja kitchen website.

The ninja blend has a safety feature with prevents damage to the unit’s motor and drive system in case you overload your appliance.  If the appliance is overloaded, the motor will stop.  Allow the appliance to cool for approximately 15 minutes.

To reset the blender follow the following procedure:

  1. Unplug the blender from the electrical outlet.
  2. Remove the container and make sure nothing is jamming the blade assemblies.
  3. Allow the blender to cool for approximately 15 minutes or more.
  4. Reinstall the container onto the motor base.
  5. Plug the blender in the electrical outlet.
  6. Continue using the blender.  However, make sure you do not exceed the maximum capacities.

Ninja Light Still Blinking, What Should I Do?

If the power light is still blinking contact the customer service department for Ninja Kitchens. 

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