25 Inspired Housewarming Gifts You Will Want to Keep

Moving into a new home is an exciting time for anyone. It’s also considered one of the most stressful life events! Support from family and friends makes the transition so much easier, and what better way to show you care than by giving a thoughtful housewarming gift? Choosing the right gift doesn’t have to be difficult, but there are a few things to bear in mind when finding the perfect gift.

We have come up with some inspired housewarming gift ideas to help you out, whether you are welcoming a new family to the neighborhood or helping a family member set up their first home. These gifts are so good; you will want to keep them.

How to Choose a Housewarming Gift

When it comes to housewarming gifts, one size does not fit all. It’s essential to think about who the recipient is, what their life looks like, and what they will appreciate most.  On our list, you will find outstanding gifts for men, women, and even gifts for kids. Here are a few things to consider when choosing the ideal gift.

Life Stage: The gift you choose for a student in new college digs won’t be the same as the one you choose for a family moving into their forever home. Think about what the recipient’s life looks like and their priorities. The student may need to prioritize space-saving things that make life easier, while the family may appreciate something more decorative or sentimental.

Household Size: How many people are involved? The romantic food hamper you may choose for a newlywed couple moving into their first home together won’t go far for a family with four kids!

Personalities:  think about what they are interested in and let this guide your choice. Are they busy, active people? Food lovers? Wine-drinkers? There is nothing worse than taking a bottle of wine to someone who won’t drink it or a gardening gift to people who will see it as a boring chore instead of an exciting gift!

Your Relationship: if you are buying a gift for people moving into your neighborhood, work colleagues you don’t know well, or family members you aren’t close to, you can select a gift with a broad appeal. You can opt for something more specific and tailored to their personalities for people you know well, such as close friends or family members.

Budget: You don’t have to blow the budget when choosing a gift. Remember that this is an optional gift, and the recipient should not expect it. That is an occasion when it truly is the thought that counts. Putting careful thought into your gift-giving will be a better choice than simply throwing money at it. Set a budget and stick to it.

25 Housewarming Gifts You Won’t Want to Give Away

Need some inspiration? Check out the selection of ideas in our gift guide. We have everything from classic to the quirky, carefully curated to appeal to as many recipients (and budgets) as possible. Of which gift would you like to have more than one?

Wine & Cheese Gift Basket

Wine and cheese are universally accepted as a luxurious treat, and a gift basket is a classic choice that appeals to a wide range of people. A wine and cheese gift is ideal for couples who may spend a romantic evening together or a perfect choice for taking along to a housewarming party.

Gourmet gift specialists Harry and David have lots of gorgeous gift baskets and unique gifts for all tastes to suit a wide range of budgets. Select from classic wine and cheese to something a little sweeter and everything in between.

The Ferrari of Blenders

Any chef will tell you that not all blenders are created equal. A Vitamix is an ideal gift for busy families, inspired cooks, and fussy food lovers. If you want to give an awe-inspiring gift that will transform the culinary endeavors of the recipient, then check out the Vitamix range of blenders.

These are top-of-the-range, expert-level machines with incredible power and longevity. As the manufacturer of Vitamix states, their blenders are not for occasional use. They are commercial-grade blenders meant for everyday use.

Scented Candles

Scented candles are a classic new home gift – a scented candle is a pretty safe choice for almost any home; they can range in price from budget-friendly to incredibly luxurious. Choosing the perfect scented candle can be tricky. If you know the recipient well, you will be able to choose a scent that you know they will like.

If you are buying a scented candle for someone you don’t know, choose a brand that you like and opt for the most popular scent as this is likely to be the most people-pleasing option.

Subscription Boxes

For a housewarming gift that keeps on giving, a subscription box is an excellent choice if you try to find the best gift for individuals with unique interests. There are so many options right now as subscription boxes have soared in popularity. You can choose a subscription with general appeals, such as a wine or craft beer subscription or a beauty box.

If you buy a housewarming gift for someone you know well, base the gift on their hobby or interest. There are gift subscriptions for gardeners, food lovers, tech lovers, and even mystery subscription boxes for a truly quirky option. For families with kids, there are subscription boxes with crafts and activities aimed at children.

Smart Indoor Herb Garden

An Indoor Herb Garden is a great gift idea for those with green fingers and those without green fingers. It is one of the more unique gift ideas on our list. Easy to set up and manage, this indoor garden will appeal to everyone, from the student with limited space to the busy family with limited time.

The smart garden enables herbs to grow faster and healthier, delivering fresh ingredients for cooking with minimum effort. It also makes a fascinating talking point in a room. That is taking houseplants to a whole new level!

Cookware Sets

A great cookware set is a gift that will last through a lifetime of daily use. What could be better for those starting in a new home? If you want to gift quality cookware that will last, then Made In cookware is frequently the professionals’ choice. They offer pots and pan sets of varying sizes and prices in stainless steel, carbon steel, non-stick, and copper.

For classic cast iron cookware, Lodge Cast Iron cookware offers robust, versatile cookware that only improves with age. Both options are a perfect gift for those starting in a new home.

Sushi Making Kit

If you are looking for a unique gift idea for someone who has almost everything already, then a sushi-making kit is a great choice. Ideal for everyone from food-loving families to stylish students, a sushi kit is not just practical; it can also be a beautiful gift if you want to make handmade sushi.

You could team the kit with a recipe book or even a bottle of Saki if you prefer a more significant gift or have room in your budget. You might even inspire a sushi-based housewarming party.

A Cooking Course

If you are looking for a gift for someone starting in a new home for the first time, then a practical gift that delivers the skills they need to cook delicious food is a great option. The key here is to look local; a local cookery school or restaurant that offers experience nights is a great way to learn to cook and get to know the local area better.

Wine Rack (And a Nice Bottle To Go In It!)

Taking a bottle of wine as a housewarming gift is a classic choice for a wine lover, but why not improve your game by giving a stylish wine rack too? Not only will it look great in a new home, but this wine gift also provides a space-saving solution for storing wine bottles. It’s a practical gift, and there are lots of different options, so it should be easy to find a wine rack that will easily fit in with the recipient’s décor or style.

Team it with their favorite bottle of wine, a wine bottle opener, stemless wine glasses, or choose a bottle of wine from the year they moved into the house with instructions to open it 5 or 10 years later to celebrate their anniversary in their new home.

Echo Show 15

Treat someone you care about with an Echo Show for the ultimate household tech, compatible with other smart devices to make life so much easier. The latest Echo gadgets can help the family stay organized, manage multiple routines, and deliver many entertainment options.

It is wall-mountable, so it’s an ideal housewarming gift for a new home, whether it is for a single person or a larger family.

Digital Photo Frame

A photo frame is always a go-to gift – everyone likes to display their framed photographs, and a plain frame will slot into any household without damaging the aesthetic of even the most stylish homes. A NixPlay digital photo frame is the next generation of photo displays; store, send and receive photographs securely, manage playlists and control your photograph displays any way you want.

A NixPlay is one of the perfect gifts for the home, displaying all the happy memories that the recipient is about to create in their new home.

Customized Welcome Mat

A customized welcome mat is one of the most fun home gifts, especially for people you know well. Nothing signifies a new home more than a home sweet home welcome mat. You might personalize it with the family name, a funny phrase, or a personal joke that will make them smile.

The doormat is the first thing people see when they approach the entrance to the home, and it helps keeps floors clean, making for a fun and practical gift.

Engraved Cutting Board

Another super personalized gift item for a new home is an engraved cutting board personalized with the family name or the cook’s name who will use it most! You can choose from various styles, from the minimalist to the more elaborate, and add a little message, date, or quote.

This board is a thoughtful, fun gift and a practical item that can be used and enjoyed for many years.

Indoor Plants

The benefits of indoor plants are well known; they are lovely to look at, but they also bring unseen benefits to the home. Certain popular house plants can eliminate toxins from the air and keep the room fresh. Choose a houseplant that looks lovely and has added benefits.

The ever-popular spider plant is a classic choice and helps clean the air, while the Aloe Vera has known skincare benefits. Windowsill orchids are fantastic for creating that wow factor.

Silk Bed Sheets

What could be more luxurious than slipping into a bed made up of smooth silk sheets? The benefits of silk sheets go far beyond feeling divine; silk pillowcases can help reduce face aging, help skin breathe and stop hair from going frizzy. A set of high-quality bedding sheets, whether the best Egyptian cotton or luxury silk, makes a beautiful housewarming gift.

Cheese Board Set

For those who love to entertain or people who are passionate about food, a cheese board set is an ideal housewarming gift. You can opt for a simple board and knife set or a set of boards with different blades for different varieties of cheese. You could even add some artisanal cheeses from the local area and a bottle of wine to accompany them.

COSORI Air Fryer Oven Combo

Air fryers are the latest must-have kitchen appliance that has changed how people cook. The air fryer uses little or no oil, cooks evenly and quickly, and seals in flavor. It is faster than a traditional oven but healthier than a fryer. As a housewarming gift, this gift is a practical choice for every household, from a single student to a large family.

Breville Precision Brewer Coffee Maker

The smell of coffee in the morning is one of the most homely and comforting scents. New homeowners can automatically brew craft filter coffee at the touch of a button with the Breville Precision Brewer. What better gift could you give than the gift of fantastic coffee day after day for years to come?

Coffee gifts are a big hit for those with a tighter budget—team high-quality roast coffee beans with some mugs for a great housewarming gift.

Weighted Blanket

Blankets make great housewarming gifts. Thrown over the bed, they make for a cozy night’s sleep. Weighted blankets are increasingly popular. They are designed to reduce anxiety, calm the body, and promote healthy sleep. Giving a weighted blanket is giving the gift of relaxation!

Fragrance Diffuser

A diffuser is an excellent alternative to a scented candle because there is no naked flame, and you get an even, controllable fragrance.

You can opt for simple reed diffusers that use scented oil, which diffuses by traveling up absorbent sticks, or an electric diffuser that gives the recipient more control and the opportunity to add essential oils to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy.

The Wellbeing Pod from Neom is a stylish addition to any home that would make an ideal housewarming gift.

Ring Doorbell

The Ring series of doorbells has revolutionized home security for people worldwide. It allows the homeowner to stay connected to their home, no matter where they are. They can see and interact with visitors to the house, whether inside, across town, or in another country.

Motion detection captures everything and alerts you to what is happening. It is more than a fun gadget; it offers the most valuable thing – peace of mind.

Roomba I7 Robot Vacuum

Of course, the best housewarming gift would magically take care of all the household chores! A Roomba robot vacuum could be the next best thing. This robot vacuum is one of the cool gifts on our list. The latest generation of robot vacuum cleaners is Wi-Fi connected and equipped with smart technology so it can clean every inch while identifying and avoiding obstacles.

A Roomba vacuum is a practical gift and one of the more thoughtful gifts on our list; it frees up the recipients’ time, cleans effectively, and the latest model even empties itself!

Spice Rack

A spice rack is the ultimate kitchen space saver. A stylish rack that organizes all those little boxes and bottles and frees up valuable cupboard space is the perfect gift for a family of food lovers or those with limited space. Choose a simple, elegant rack or something a little different and give a practical housewarming gift that delivers flavor and color.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

The best housewarming gift will be attractive and practical, and the Himalayan salt lamp is just that. These lamps are a real talking point in any room; they give out a soft atmospheric light that creates a cozy glow, and many people attribute health benefits to them.

They reportedly ease anxiety, promote sleep, and improve air quality by releasing positive ions. They come in many shapes and sizes and are surprisingly affordable.

DIY Household Toolkit

A toolkit has got to be one of the best go-to housewarming gifts. It is practical and affordable, but it is also a thoughtful gift idea. A good household toolkit will always come in handy, and it makes a perfect gift for someone who has just moved into their first home.

Students, newlyweds, and first-time homeowners will appreciate the peace of mind of having some of the most commonly needed tools within reach.

It is also one of the best gift ideas for men on our list. After all, a new house is a joy, but it is also a big responsibility. Team the toolkit with a book on DIY or a list of local tradespeople to defer to if things go wrong!

Final Thoughts

Buying a housewarming gift is an opportunity to show your goodwill towards someone as they enter a new phase of their life. Giving a thoughtful gift, a practical helping hand, or a reminder of your support can help to make the transition easier. Finding the right gift got much easier regardless of your budget or relationship with the recipient.

This article originally appeared on Wealth of Geeks.