Vitamix a3500 vs 780

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Before the Ascent Series came to town, the G-Series 780 blender was the latest and greatest of what Vitamix had to offer. That changed with the A3500 (and its siblings). Now here was a premium blender that was an on-paper upgrade over the 780 while costing significantly less!

But is the A3500 really better? If you compare the Vitamix a3500 vs 780, which one comes out on top? We do, indeed, think the A3500 is the better blender for several reasons.  

Vitamix a3500 vs 780: Which One is Better?

The A3500 wins out over the 780 for being more value-for-money and offering more features:

  • The A3500 is cheaper than the 780.
  • It comes with cutting-edge features – like Self-Detect and Wireless Connectivity.
  • The A3500 is significantly quieter than the 780.
  • It has a longer warranty.
  • The A3500 can connect to the Vitamix Perfect Blend app.

Key Differences between the A3500 and the 780

  • Price: The A3500 is a $500-600 blender. The 780 usually $700-900, depending on the time of the year and the availability. That’s a huge price difference, and the A3500 is the clear winner here.
  • Self-Detect: The A3500 has Vitamix’s latest Self-Detect technology. This allows the blender to figure out which container you’ve attached to it. It will then adjust times and speeds automatically, and stop by itself. The 780 can’t do this.
  • Wireless and Bluetooth: With the Ascent Series, you receive wireless and Bluetooth connectivity. The use for these things at the moment is limited, but that will change in the future. You can use the Vitamix Perfect Blend app to control the A3500, but not the 780.
  • Dimensions: The A3500 is marginally bigger than the 780 at 11 x 8 x 17 inches. The 780, on the other hand, is more compact at 17.25 x 8.8 x 9 inches. You won’t have trouble storing either blender.  
  • Weight: The A3500 is heftier than the 780, no doubt on account of its upgraded internals. It weighs 14.92 lbs, while the 780 weighs 12.5 lbs.
  • Wattage: While both the A3500 and the 780 have the same advertised 2.2HP motor, the wattage is slightly different in reality. The A3500 goes up to 1400W, 20W more than the 1380W 780. This makes the motor in the A3500 slightly more powerful.
  • Warranty: The A3500 comes with a full 10-year warranty. The 780 only has a 7-year warranty. Both warranties cover shipping, labor, and other expenses.
  • Design: Both blenders have a different form. You may find the updated styling on the A3500, but it boils down to personal preference. However, the A3500 has a speed dial and on/off buttons while the 750 doesn’t. The latter is a full touchscreen device.
  • Noise: The experts say that the Vitamix A3500 is about 40% quieter than older Vitamix models. In practice, the difference isn’t as high. The A3500 is slightly quieter than the 750, but both blenders are loud.

Similarities between the A3500 and the 780

  • Performance: Anything you make with the A3500 or the 780 will be exceptionally smooth and consistent. Their sharp stainless steel blades make short work of the densest of ingredients. Performance-wise, both blenders are equally good.
  • Touchscreen: Both the A3500 and the 780 have similar touchscreen interfaces. There are 5 program presets on each screen. The screen on the 780 additionally has a speed slider and on/off and pulse options.
  • Cleaning: The A3500 and the 780 are both equally easy to clean. They come with self-cleaning options. Further, they have dishwasher-safe containers.
  • Quality: You won’t have a reason to complain in the quality department. Vitamix blenders are all sturdy and well-designed. The warranty is a good yardstick to measure their lifespan by. Most of them will last as long as the warranty.
  • What you can make: You can make dry and wet foods. Further, thanks to friction heating, both blenders will cook food like soups. You can dice, chop, grind, emulsify, and mix equally well, though do need to use the (included) tamper on occasion.
  • Ease-of-use: Both blenders are incredibly easy to use. Most of the time, you just need to fill the container up and press a pre-programmed button. The blender will take care of the rest. You can walk away from the appliances and other chores in the meantime.
  • Usage: Both the A3500 and the 780 are for home use. Medium to large families will get the most out of these blenders. If you’re a couple or an individual, you should probably buy a smaller container separately to make small portions.
  • Accessories: Out-of-the-box, you receive the Vitamix cooking/blending guide and tamper with either blender. The A3500 (sometimes) comes with a DVD.
  • Container: You get the same 64oz, BPA-free container with both blenders. This container is high-quality and doesn’t crack easily. It’s also reasonably easy to clean.

Product Reviews

The Vitamix A3500 Ascent Series Blender Review


  • Power: 2.2 HP.     
  • Jar Capacity: 64oz. 
  • Speeds:  Variable infinite speeds. 
  • Pulse Control: Yes.  
  • Type of switches: Touchscreen. 
  • Dishwasher safe: Yes. 
  • Warranty: 10 years. 
  • Extra Features: Wireless connectivity, programmable timer, program settings, self-detect technology, self-cleaning, friction heating, and Vitamix vortex. 

The A3500 is arguably the best blender Vitamix can offer right now. It has the latest, greatest technology. 

Further, it looks stunning and is incredibly easy to use. You can get the A3500 in a variety of colors. It has metallic and non-metallic finishes/body options. 

The metallic versions are slightly more durable and have some noise dampening properties.

The controls on the A3500 are a mix of old-school and new tech. There is a touchscreen interface with program settings. 

You touch a button and the blender will make the food for you. With Self-Detect technology, it adjusts itself automatically. You can control the speed manually with the variable speed knob.

You can make medium-to-large portions of food in the 64oz container. We suggest picking up a smaller container for added convenience. Cleaning and storing this appliance is a hassle-free experience. 

You never have to worry about repair expenses thanks to the 10-year warranty. The A3500 is a significant upgrade over the 780 – and is significantly cheaper to boot.  You might also be interested in our review of the Vitamix a2300 and a2500 from the Vitamix Ascent Series.



  • Vitamix at its finest – stunning, powerful, and useful.
  • It comes with Self-Detect technology and the Vitamix Perfect Blend app, unlike the 780.  
  • It is significantly cheaper than the 780.


  • The 3500 is only a slight upgrade over the cheaper A2500.
  • The Perfect Blend app is far from perfect.
  • Self-Detect and Wireless Connectivity have limited use.

The Vitamix 780 G-Series Blender Review


  • Power: 2.2HP.     
  • Jar Capacity: 64oz. 
  • Speeds: 10 speeds.
  • Pulse Control: Yes. 
  • Type of switches: Touchscreen. 
  • Dishwasher safe: Yes.
  • Warranty: 7 years. 
  • Extra Features: Program settings, self-cleaning, touchscreen, friction heating, and Vitamix vortex. 

The 780 is the final, most premium offering in Vitamix’s Legacy G-Series lineup. It is a slight upgrade over the 750, which is an outstanding blender in its own right. 

You can get the 780 in a beautiful black or red. It has a durable, stylish body. You control this blender through the touchscreen interface. There are no speed dials or flip switches found on older Vitamix models.

The 64oz container you get with the blender can hold medium-to-large quantities of food. When you turn on the blender, it creates a vortex-like effect in the container. 

This allows the ingredients to mix well. The 2.2 HP motor is powerful and has little trouble reducing the densest of ingredients to a powder.

You can store the 780 in small spaces, including typical kitchen cabinets. It’s easy to clean and light enough to carry around. The touchscreen interface is high-quality doesn’t require any maintenance. 

This blender is as good as the A3500 in terms of performance, though it loses out on handiness and price.


  • More compact and lighter than the A3500.
  • Performs incredibly well.
  • Has a handy touchscreen panel.


  • Extremely expensive – much more so than the A3500.
  • Won’t make small batches of food. 
  • Doesn’t have the latest technology like Self-Detect.

Conclusion – Our Recommendations

Both the A3500 and the 780 are amazing blenders and worthwhile purchases. The A3500 is cheaper, though, and has more to offer. We recommend it over the 780.

Use the A3500 if –

  • You want a powerful blender with modern technology.
  • You want to use the Perfect Blend app.
  • You want an outstanding 10-year warranty.

Use the 780 if –

  • You want an older, tried-and-tested G-Series blender.
  • You don’t care about wireless connectivity.
  • You want the added convenience of a full touchscreen panel.

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