Best Blender Reviews for 2024

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A good blender is an essential component in any kitchen.  Our team has literally sifted through hundreds of blenders and narrowed the best blenders in a variety of categories.

We have analyzed them via brands, price, type, use, comparisons and alternatives.


There are numerous brands and models of blenders.  However, there are only a few standout brands.  Some that readily come to mind are the market leaders Vitamix and Blendtec.  You can read our in-depth reviews here:


The price of a blender can vary from $20 to over $500.  We have sorted the best blenders at the various price points. You can read our in-depth review here:


The most important question you should ask yourself when buying a blender is what do you plan to use it for.  Do you plan to make green smoothies, nut butter, nut milk, frozen drinks etc.  Your answer will affect the type of blender you need.  Have a look at our in-depth reviews for more details:


Do you want a traditional countertop blender or do you prefer a bullet blender or maybe you prefer a portable blender.   Our team weighs the pros and cons of each type of blender and recommends the best in each category.  Have a look at our in-depth reviews here:


So you have finally narrowed down your choice of blenders to two.  However, you are still on the fence about which one to purchase.  Have a look at our in-depth reviews here:


This section looks at alternative blenders to popular brands.  For example while we love our Vitamix, it is expensive.  Have a look at our in-depth guides for suggestions:

Tips and Guides

This section has a collection of tips and guides for your blender.  Have a look at this section for our guides: